This e-service allows members of the public to file appeals against the imposition of penalty fee for underpayment and non-payment of bus and train fares, and misuse of concession cards.

Please ensure you have the following information ready before clicking “Proceed to Submit” button to fill in the form:

  • Notice Serial Number (i.e. Notice to Pay Penalty Fee)
  • EZLink or CEPAS Number
  • Personal particulars (i.e. full name, email address, contact no.)
  • Reason for not paying appropriate fare (max 100 words)
  • Supporting Document (if any)
Estimated time to complete  clock-icon10 - 15 mins

This allows you to check the status of your Penalty Fee Appeal application.

You will need the appeal acknowledgement code and the last 4 NRIC Characters to fill in the form.

Estimated time to complete  clock-icon5 mins

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