• Process for Taxi Drivers to Lodge Fare Evasion Cases

    Fare evasion affects the livelihood of taxi drivers. To better protect the interests of taxi drivers from passengers who evade paying fares, passengers who do not pay their taxi fares will be liable for composition fines.

  • Advisory Role

    PTC will undertake a new advisory role as part of the Public Transport Council (Amendment) Act. Under this new role, PTC will take on the role of an advisor to the Minister for Transport on public transport matters.

  • Affordable Fares

    One of PTC’s mandate is to safeguard public interest by keeping fares affordable. In 2013, the PTC adopted a fare review framework recommended by the Fare Review Mechanism Committee (FRMC). Under the framework, the maximum allowable fare adjustment quantum is based on a formula that is pegged to macro-economic factors.

  • Sustainable Public Transport

    As public bus and train services are provided on a commercial basis, PTC not only safeguards public interest by keeping fares affordable, but also helps to ensure the long-term financial viability of the public transport operators.

  • Penalty Fee Regulation

    The objective of the penalty fee regulation is to deter fare evasion on bus and train services. Fare evasion in public transport results in fare leakage. It is important to curb the fare leakage to keep our public transport fares affordable. This will also be fair to the majority of our commuters who pay correct fares for their travels.

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How is PTC helping to improve Public Transport?
  • Apr 2016

    Tougher Penalties to Deter Taxi Fare Evasion

    PTC will increase the penalties for taxi fare evasion from 9 May 2016.Please refer to the attached news release for more details.

  • Feb 2016

    Tougher Measures To Deter Bus and Train Fare Evasion

    From 29 February 2016, Public Transport Council will be introducing a set of tougher measures to further deter bus and train fare evasion.

  • Feb 2016

    Public Transport Council (Taxi Fare Pricing Policy) (Amendment) Order 2016

    The Public Transport Council will make amendments to paragraph 13 of the Public Transport Council (Taxi Fare Pricing Policy) Order 2016. The Public Transport Council (Taxi Fare Pricing Policy) (Amendment) Order 2016 will come into operation on 29 February 2016.

  • Jan 2014

    PTC's clarification on why service quality component is not added to the fare formula

    PTC provided a response to forum letters on why service quality component is not added to the fare formula.

  • Dec 2013

    Ensuring affordable fares for low-income commuters

    PTC responded to Mr Chew Mun Kit's forum letter "Not accurate to consider average wage increase" dated 15 November 2013 in ST Forum.

  • Jul 2013

    Bus operators must meet standards

    The PTC and LTA issued a joint reply to Mr Yiu Wing Lit's letter on "Is overcrowding on buses an offence?"

Last updated on 30 Jun 2016