Fostering The Caring SG Commuters Movement Report

This report outlines PTC’s efforts since 2017 to co-create solutions with commuters and stakeholders that foster a caring commuting culture in Singapore.

Beyond this, the 2019 report also recommends a more coordinated and integrated approach to sustain this movement in the long run.

Download the report here:

Chairman's Message

In August 2017, the Public Transport Council (PTC) started the “Caring SG Commuters” movement through a series of co-creation pilots with likeminded partners, to champion the growth of a caring commuting culture. This movement aims to transform Singapore society at large and enhance social cohesion, with citizens looking out for one another in their daily interactions.

The public transport journey is an integral part of the daily experience for many Singaporeans. These journeys are enablers that facilitate work and play. A commute is not a journey taken alone, but often involves a multitude of interactions with other commuters within a shared environment. PTC’s collaborative efforts span across sectors and constituencies, and encourage intergenerational bonding.

We have established Heart Zones in collaboration with medical sector partners, including Singapore General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and HealthCity Novena medical institutions, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. More are being planned. The CARE by Chung Cheng project was a constituency-based pilot, where students assisted the elderly commuters to carry their bags and groceries. CARE Ride @ South West facilitated intergenerational bonding between elderly and students who enjoyed a bus ride together.

Through these co-creation pilots, Singapore’s MRT stations, buses, bus stops, overhead bridges, and other transport infrastructure have become social assets for commuter interactions and care.

However, culture change does not happen overnight. PTC’s efforts to date are just a small step forward and more can be done at an integrated level. It is imperative that the seed that has been planted continues to receive the support needed to ensure sustainability of the “Caring SG Commuters” movement. To this end, we recommend setting up a Coordinating Committee to facilitate and pull together inter-agency efforts to foster the “Caring SG Commuters” movement within our transport network.

Together, our commuters, public transport operators, communities, partners, and government agencies can work towards the 2040 vision of an inclusive, gracious and caring commuting culture for all Singaporeans.

Richard Magnus
Chairman, Public Transport Council

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