Mission Vision Values


To work in collaboration with commuters, transport operators and government agencies to improve our public transport system by:

  • Keeping public transport fare affordable while ensuring the sustainability of the public transport system; and
  • Providing objective, evidence-based advice to the Minister for Transport to improve the service quality of public transport and commuters’ travel experience

A sustainable public transport system, the preferred choice for all


Professionalism – Strive for service excellence in what we do and how we do it
Integrity – Uphold high standards of moral and ethical principles
Objectivity – Be fair and open to differing views with the aim of achieving an optimal balance
Innovation – Seek new ways to improve public transport

Our Logo

Our logo highlights our people-centric spirit and our aim of improving the public transport system.

Besides serving as an acronym, each letter in our logo has a further significance. The ‘P’ stands for us, the Public Transport Council. The ‘T’ represents (Public) Transport Operators. And the ‘C’ stands for Commuters. Together, the three letters represent how the PTC, public transport operators and commuters are all working closely together for better rides, affordable fares, and a sustainable public transport system.

The dots above each letter form human stick figures, emphasising our people-centric approach to getting feedback. When reviewing policies and making decisions, we involve all our stakeholders, such as commuters, operators and frontline staff.

Conveying efficiency and speed, the three dynamic lines represent the three main modes of public transport in Singapore – bus, rail and taxi. All three lines meet together on the right, symbolising how these three modes are moving towards our seamless travel on Singapore’s public transport system.

Below the logo is our tagline, which captures our core purpose: to work closely alongside public transport operators and commuters to achieve better rides, affordable fares and a sustainable public transport system for everyone.

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