PTC collaborates with both local and overseas institutions as well as overseas transport authorities to exchange expertise and deepen knowledge in areas such as public transport fares regulation, delivering quality public transport and enhancing commuter experience. 

Through memoranda of understanding, collaboration agreements, expert roundtable discussions, study visits, regional and international transport authorities meetings, PTC stays abreast of emerging trends and issues in the public transport industry.
PTC is a member of the Union Internationale des Transports Publics (UITP) and a permanent member of UITP’s Transport Economics Committee.
PTC’s UITP Transport Economics Committee counterparts, representing countries from all over the world, visited Bulim Bus Depot in December 2019 to learn more about Singapore’s bus contracting model and new bus technologies for a better commuter experience.
In December 2019, members of UITP Transport Economics Committee met in Singapore to discuss issues on public transport fare structure and regulation in various parts of the world.
PTC visited Canberra, Australia at the UITP Asia Pacific Annual Meeting in November 2019 to learn about major trends and developments in public transport from agencies, regulators and other industry players.
In October 2019, Norwegian public transport management company Ruter and PTC signed an MOU to cooperate, support and learn from one another on best practices for public transport.

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