Ticket Payment Service Licensing

To protect commuters’ interests in ticket payment service availability and charges, PTC regulates and licenses ticket payment service providers in public transport. Ticket payment services include:

● clearing of ticket transactions; and
● sale, top-up, replacement, refund, or management of modes of ticket payment e.g. ez-link cards, NETS FlashPay cards.

EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Network for Electronic Transfers (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Transit Link Pte Ltd are the licensees regulated under this regime. Any fees that they charge have to be approved by us.

Commuters can buy, replace or get a refund on their cards at more than 800 service points, across bus interchanges and terminals, bus stops, as well as MRT and LRT stations. All card top-ups at such service points are provided free-of-charge.

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