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Year: 2023

Fare Adjustment Formula and Mechanism Review Report 2023

This report spells out the outcome of PTC's review and recommendations for the fare adjustment formula and mechanism. The new fare formula aims to reduce volatility of fare changes while ensuring fare affordability for commuters and the financial sustainability of the public transport system.

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Year: 2019

Fostering The Caring SG Commuters Movement Report

This report outlines PTC’s efforts since 2017 to co-create solutions with commuters and stakeholders that foster a caring commuting culture in Singapore. Beyond this, the 2019 report also recommends a more coordinated and integrated approach to sustain this movement in the long run.

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Year: 2018

International Benchmarking Study of Public Transport Fares

In line with its mandate to keep fares affordable while ensuring the financial sustainability of the public transport system, the Public Transport Council (PTC) commissioned the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to conduct an international benchmarking study to understand the latest trends in public transport fares. Under the study, Singapore’s public transport fares was benchmarked against 11 other major cities in terms of concessionary fares, fare affordability, and fare revenue per passenger kilometre.

2nd Advisory Report Cover Page

Year: 2018

Conversation and Connecting with SG Commuters

PTC's 2nd Advisory Report reveals a deeper and richer understanding of our commuters’ voices, with a focus on our rail system. We sought to understand their preferences across different rail lines; their willingness to be engaged, involved and to contribute. Click below to access PTC's 2nd Advisory Report and uncover the story of our SG commuters from the ground.

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Year: 2018

Family-Friendly Transport Advisory Panel Report

This report highlights the recommendations made by the Family-Friendly Transport Advisory Panel to foster a more accessible, family-friendly and inclusive transport system. The Panel was commissioned by the Government in June 2017 to consult relevant stakeholders on how Singapore’s land transport system can be made more family-friendly. Co-chaired by Mr Richard Magnus, then Chairman of the Public Transport Council, and Mr Sitoh Yih Pin, Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Transport, the Panel is represented by members from key stakeholder groups, such as parents with young children, experts on seniors and disability issues, and academia.

Benchmarking Report

Year: 2016

Comparison of Rail Fares between Singapore and 35 Major Cities

This report on rail fares brings together in one single document fares currently charged for travel on rail Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), subway and Light Rail Transit (LRT)) systems in major cities around the world. Such a document is useful resource when forming a perspective on the fares charged for travel on the Singapore Rail system, in comparison with fares charged in other major cities around the world. It is an exploratory study that seeks to provide a preliminary benchmark between Singapore’s rail fares with comparable cities around the world, and is in no way an exhaustive and definitive comparison of the different rail fare structures.


Year: 2016

Commuters at the Heart of Singapore’s Public Transport System

This inaugural Advisory Report carries the i) findings from PTC’s commuter engagement and stakeholder consultation and ii) recommendations made to the Minister for Transport on public transport improvements. The recommendations developed from the findings relate largely to commuters’ personal experiences on public transport, such as the day-to-day challenges they face; and are reflected under four main themes covering: improvements for seniors, wheelchair users and families with young children; better information provision; more commuter-centric design, and a deeper sense of community on public transport.

The Fare Review Mechanism Committee Report(2013)

Year: 2013

Affordable Fares • Sustainable Public Transport

This report sets out the findings and recommendations of the Fare Review Mechanism Committee set up in 2012 to review fare concessions, the fare adjustment formula and fare mechanism to ensure that fares remain affordable for the various commuter groups, while safeguarding the long-term financial sustainability of the public transport system.


Title of Paper
Striking A Fare Deal - Singapore's Experience in Introducing a Fare Review Mechanism
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Instituting Fare Regulation
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Lessons from Bus Operations
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