Tougher Measures To Deter Bus and Train Fare Evasion

Date: 25 February 2016

1. From 29 February 2016, the Public Transport Council (PTC) will be introducing a set of tougher measures to further deter bus and train fare evasion.

2. Commuters who do not pay or underpay their fares on public bus and train services will have to pay a higher penalty fee of $50, up from the present $201 . In addition, enforcement action can now be taken against commuters who are found attempting to travel without paying the appropriate fare, such as those tail-gating at fare gates, compared to the current enforcement framework where action can< only be taken against fare evaders after they have travelled a distance.

3. PTC Chief Executive, Mr Alvin Chia, said, “Fare evasion is a dishonest act. The tougher measures are intended as a strong deterrence against the evasion of public transport fares, and hence minimise free-riding behaviour. This is only fair to the large majority of our commuters who pay the correct fares for their journeys.”

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Download Tougher Measures To Deter Bus and Train Fare Evasion (PDF, 80 KB)

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