PTC’s Co-Creation Trials Extended Due to Overwhelming Response from Commuters

Date: 19 September 2017


Over 1,200 commuters have benefited at Outram Park MRT Station so far

Commuters at Outram Park MRT Station will now have more opportunities to lend a helping hand to fellow commuters in need. In response to positive feedback, “Heart Zone” and “Heartwheels”, two co-creation trials by the Public Transport Council (PTC), in partnership with SBS Transit, SMRT and Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Campus, have now been extended till 31 December 2017.

Positive Feedback from Commuters

2. Since the launch of the month-long co-creation trials on 14 August 2017, more than 1,200 commuters have benefited1 . PTC spoke to more than 700 of these commuters and many, especially the elderly, felt that Heart Zone made their journey to SGH Campus more convenient and would like to see Heart Zones at other MRT stations. Commuters with mobility issues felt that using the Heartwheels enabled them to move along the transfer linkway at Outram Park MRT station with greater ease.

3. Volunteers for the trials shared that they enjoyed helping fellow commuters in need. Mr Tham Yih Chung, a Singapore Eye Research Institute staff who volunteered at the Heart Zone, recounts his experience, “Many of us want to be helpful but perhaps we are shy and do not know the right approach to offer help. This initiative gives us a suitable platform to offer help in a very simple manner.”

Next Steps

4. In view of the positive feedback, PTC has worked with SBS Transit, SMRT and SGH Campus to extend the two trials till 31 December 2017. The findings from these trials will be included in the recommendations of PTC’s next Advisory Report on public transport matters, which will focus on the theme of co-creation.

5. The strong support from our partners, especially volunteers from SGH Campus, has been an important factor for the success of the trials so far. The PTC is pleased to welcome more volunteers from National Heart Centre Singapore and Singapore National Eye Centre for the extended trials.

6. Said Mr Richard Magnus, PTC Chairman: “With more volunteers on board the trials, we hope that their morning commute to work becomes more meaningful as commuters like to have the chance to do something good through a simple gesture. As we become more aware of fellow commuters around us who may need help, let us offer a helping hand through such platforms. We all share the same public transport space. By making small changes in our routine, we can grow a unique caring commuting culture in Singapore that we can be proud of. ” 

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