Organisational Structure

The PTC is headed by the Chairman and Chief Executive, who are supported by four functional divisions.

PTC Organisation Chart

Policy & Regulation

The Policy and Regulation Division supports the Council in carrying out public transport fare reviews, taking into consideration the prevailing framework and statutory mandate. It manages the licensing regime for public transport ticket payment services such as ez-Link, and reviews proposals on how fares should be paid. The Division also administers the penalty fee enforcement regime to deter commuters from evading fares on bus and train services.

Research & Advisory 

The Research and Advisory Division supports the Council in its advisory role to the Minister for Transport, through recommendations to improve the commuter experience on public transport.

Keeping our commuters’ well-being in mind, the Division studies both local and international best practices and developments in public transport.  The Division also holds surveys, interviews and focus group discussions to get commuters’ views, measuring their satisfaction and understanding their day-to-day challenges and experiences using public transport.  To ensure that recommendations are practical and cost-effective, the Division also seeks the views of experts, partners and stakeholders.

Corporate Communications

To support our efforts to bring about affordable fares and a sustainable public transport system, the Corporate Communications Division draws up and carries out public communications plans to actively inform and engage internal and external stakeholders on policy matters and related issues. Besides managing media and international relations, the Division also reaches out to the public through engagement programmes and various feedback channels.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Division oversees the formulation and execution of policies and plans for our administrative, finance, human resources, corporate governance, IT, procurement, legal and audit functions.

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