Our Chairman, Mr Richard Magnus, shares his thoughts and insights on public transport issues. 


Digging Into Public Transport Fare Adjustments

4 September 2019

Digging deeper into the different components of the fare formula, the core consumer price, wage and energy indices reflect changes in overall costs, manpower costs and fuel/electricity costs respectively.

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Making The Most Of Your Fare Dollar

3 September 2019

And as we ponder over the quantum of this year’s fare increase, as commuters, we may also want to explore ways that we can potentially reduce the cost of our daily commute.

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The Fare Questions Main Img

The Fare Questions

3 September 2018

PTC has announced the quantum for the 2018 fare review exercise to be 4.3%. This is the first time the figure has been positive, after three consecutive years of fare decreases, driven largely by falling energy price.

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