Point-To-Point Services Continue To Be Rated Highly By Commuters

Date: 22 February 2019

Commuters’ rating of Point-to-Point (P2P) services in 2018 continued to register high satisfaction, according to the annual Point-to-Point Transport Services Customer Satisfaction Survey (PCSS), conducted by Nexus Link, a private company. The annual survey showed high overall satisfaction with P2P services, with a mean satisfaction score of 7.9.

2          Commuter satisfaction with taxi services remained high in 2018 with a mean satisfaction score of 7.9, which is the same as 2017 and higher than 2016. The proportion of commuters who rated taxi services 6 and above also increased from 98.5% in 2017 to 99.6% in 2018.

3          Private hire car (PHC) services, on the other hand, saw a slight decline from 8.2 in 2017 to 7.9 in 2018. The proportion of commuters who rated PHC services 6 and above increased slightly from 98.7% in 2017 to 98.8% in 2018.

PCSS 2018 Mean Score

4         Commuters attributed the improvements seen in taxi services to initiatives to meet the competition from PHCs, such as the introduction of booking applications for taxi services. Notably, the PCSS found that more commuters have started to use booking apps offered by both taxi companies and third-party service providers over the past three years.

5         While respondents had no clear preference between taxis and PHCs, those polled indicated that pricing and availability were the most important factors in determining their decisions when choosing a P2P mode. Commuters who ranked taxi services more favourably highlighted the ability to street-hail as the main reason for them choosing taxis. On the other hand, commuters who ranked PHCs more favourably cited greater availability as the main reason for their choice.

6        “The high customer satisfaction across both taxis and PHCs shows that Singapore has been able to achieve a balance between safeguarding commuter needs and encouraging the development of different service modes within the P2P transport services sector. Such a balance will ultimately benefit commuters, who can expect better services and more choices with greater competition amongst service providers,” said Mr Richard Magnus, Chairman for the Public Transport Council.

About the Point-to-Point Transport Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

The PCSS, conducted in August and September 2018, was carried out by Nexus Link Pte Ltd, an independent market research consultant, with 1,500 taxi and PHC services users. The survey measures users’ satisfaction and aims to understand their expectations as well as identify areas for improvements.  

Annex A: Factsheet

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