What Does It Mean To Be A Caring Commuter? Mr Melvin Yong Visits Heart Zone @ Jurong East To Find Out

Date: 12 July 2019 | Category: Caring SG Commuters

What does it mean to be a caring commuter? 

Mr Melvin Yong, Executive Secetrary of National Transport Workers' Union, visits Heart Zone @ Jurong East to find out.

Heart Zone @ Jurong East MRT Station

What is "Heart Zone"? 

Mr Melvin Yong: Heart Zone is a creative initiative, and an important part of Caring SG Commuters movement. It serves to connect someone who is looking for assistance with someone who is just passing by, and who can help.

Mr Melvin Yong at Heart Zone @ Jurong East

Fostering a caring commuting culture

Mr Melvin Yong: It reminds us that all of us can play a part in building and strengthening caring commuting culture in Singapore. It is not just about getting to our destination on time, but also about looking out for others who may be in need while on our daily commute.

Mr Melvin Yong On Caring Commuting Culture

Improving user-friendliness on public transport 

Mr Melvin Yong: This is also a key recommendation of our Land Transport Master Plan 2040 (LTMP2040), to make public transport more user friendly, to make public transport more inclusive. We hope that together, we can promote a better travelling environment, and a better travelling experience for everyone.

Watch the highlights of Mr Melvin Yong's visit in the video below!

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