Meet Noor Azman Rosdi, Technician and Caring Commuter Award 2019 Winner

Date: 23 December 2019 | Category: Caring SG Commuters

Mr Noor Azman Rosdi was taking a bus to work at Changi Airport on 25 July 2019 when he spotted a young boy, Thaddeus, who was asleep on the same bus and appeared to be alone. Instinctively, he suspected that Thaddeus could have overslept, as it was unusual for a young boy to be heading to the airport unaccompanied. He woke Thaddeus up and ascertained that he had missed his intended stop for his tuition class. He then offered his mobile phone to Thaddeus to contact his family. 

After Thaddeus had spoken with his family, Azman also spoke with them and helped repeat the instructions to him. Worried about Thaddeus’ safety, Azman requested that they inform him when Thaddeus had reached home safely. 

Thaddeus has high functioning autism. He may not always know how to deal with unforeseen situations during his journey, but Azman’s assistance had helped keep Thaddeus calm during this incident. 

Thaddeus’s family is very thankful to Azman for helping to keep a lookout for their child.

The inaugural Caring Commuter Award recognises public transport commuters who have demonstrated acts of care to fellow commuters during their daily commute. 

This is the first time since the inception of National Kindness Award - Transport Gold that an award category is being dedicated to commuters. 

The Caring Commuter Award is jointly launched by the Public Transport Council (PTC) and Singapore Kindness Movement, and is also part of PTC’s Caring SG Commuters movement.

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