Meet Constance Wong, Bank Executive and Caring Commuter Award 2019 Winner

Date: 23 January 2020 | Category: Caring SG Commuters

Ms Constance Wong was on the train to work in the morning when a pregnant lady, Perlyn, who was sitting in front of her, suddenly held her hand and told her that she was feeling unwell and needed help. Constance realised that Perlyn was in no condition to alight from the train and decided to press the emergency button. Station staff arrived and assisted Perlyn to alight from the train at the Little India MRT Station. 

In the resting room, Perlyn requested Constance’s help to call her gynaecologist and her husband, as she was too weak to do so. The gynaecologist advised Perlyn to head down to the hospital as soon as possible. As Perlyn’s husband would take about half an hour to reach the station, she asked if Constance could accompany her to the hospital instead. Constance agreed, as she did not want to leave Perlyn alone. 

Constance then informed her boss that she would report to work late and they left the station in a taxi. Constance continued to accompany Perlyn at the hospital until her husband arrived. She also ensured that the gynaecologist attended to Perlyn before she left the hospital. 

Perlyn is grateful that Constance went the extra mile to help her, and hopes to catch up with her after the baby is born.

The inaugural Caring Commuter Award recognises public transport commuters who have demonstrated acts of care to fellow commuters during their daily commute. 

This is the first time since the inception of National Kindness Award - Transport Gold that an award category is being dedicated to commuters. 

The Caring Commuter Award is jointly launched by the Public Transport Council (PTC) and Singapore Kindness Movement, and is also part of PTC’s Caring SG Commuters movement.

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