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Penalty Fee Regulation

A penalty was introduced to deter fare evasion on bus and train services. Fare evasion in public transport results in fare leakage. It is important to curb the fare leakage to keep our public transport fares affordable. This will also be fair to the large majority of our commuters who pay correct fares for their travels.

Under the regime, any fare evader who is caught for the following fare evasion acts will be imposed with the following penalty fee

Fare Evasion Acts Penalty Fee
Non-payment of fare  $          50
Non-tapping in/out of smartcard  $          50
Non-entitlement to concession  $          50
Invalid ticket (under-payment of fare)  $          50
Invalid ticket (misuse of ticket that is non-transferable)  $          50


Only appointed public transport officials (e.g. traffic/ticket inspectors, station managers) can lawfully enforce the penalty fee. They are required to carry and show their authority card when performing enforcement work. Click here for more information on the penalty fee system.

For feedback or any general enquiries on the operational aspects of the penalty fee system (i.e. how the penalty fee system works, the powers of the public transport officials, payment of penalty fee etc), please visit Transit Link's website and click under "Feedback".

For appeals on Notice to Pay Penalty Fee (NTP), please click here.

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Last updated on 26 May 2017